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2024 Galliano Club Schedule, Rome NY

March 16        St. Joseph’s Pick and Draw

April 12/23    David Hilts Memorial Doubles

May TBD        2nd Annual Super Doubles 

November 8/9 25th Annual Fred Calicchia Bocce Memorial Tournament Doubles 

December 6/7 10th Annual Ben Guiliano Classic

December 20/21 21st annual Billy Antonucci Holiday Classic 


Tournaments beyond Rome NY

March 9/10 Ponte Highstakes Doubles  Pontelandolfo Club Waterbury, CT

March 14-17  BU Classic Four Person Lorenzino’s Bocce Club Youngstown, OH

April 18-21 Lorenzino Four Person Lorenzino’s Bocce Club Youngstown, OH

May 2-5 Lockport Shootout Four-man  Short Street Bocce Club Lockport, NY

May 17/18 ABC Premier High Stakes Doubles Palazzo di Bocce  Lake Orion, Michigan 

May 16-19 Devils Trucking Spring 4 person Jerry’s World Chesterland, OH

June 7-9 Club Molisani Open Four Person Club Molisani Wickliffe, OH

June 24-29 U.S.B.F National Championships Italia America Bocce Club St Louis, MO

July 5/6 Devils Trucking Summer Doubles Jerry’s World Chesterland, OH

August 23-25 Cleveland Challenge Cup of Bocce Four Person Wickliffe I & A Club

September 12-14 ABC Open Four-Person Palazzo di Bocce 

September 17-21 MVR CarmStrong Casseses MVR Youngstown, OH

October 17-20 Club Molisani Fall Classic Four Person Club Molisani Wickliffe, OH